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Are You Qualified to Sell?

When people think about being "qualified", they think about the need for home-buyers to be pre-approved for a mortgage. While being a qualified buyer includes a mortgage pre-approval, the full definition of qualified is someone who is "ready, willing, and able" to buy. So why is title of this page asking if you are qualified to sell? Because sellers also need to be "ready, willing, and able" to sell! That means financially, emotionally, and logistically...

Here are some questions to answer to determine if you are qualified to sell:

1.   Do you have enough equity in your house to cover closing and moving costs or else have enough cash to bring to the closing table?

2.   Are you and everyone involved committed to selling? Do your spouse and/or children want to move? Do you have adult children who have their own ideas about the house and what you should be doing?

3.    Is your house ready to go on the market? Has it been de-cluttered with everything in working condition, fixed or replaced, fresh paint, refinished floors, lighting, landscaping, etc., with updates that will appeal to today’s buyers?

4.   If you plan to sell “as is” and are you willing to reflect that in your list price?

5.   Do you have a place to go when you sell?

6.   Do you have the money/financing to buy a new property before you close on your current home?

7.   If you need to sell before you can buy, is temporary housing a realistic option for you, your family, pets…until you can find the right home? Inventory is really tight right now, it could take a while.

8.    Are you willing and able to make some compromises/trade-offs?

9.    Do you have a realistic understanding of the current market and will you listen to feedback? 

10.   Are you ready to detach yourself from the memories you made in the house?

And finally, Why do you want to sell? People do things for a reason and unless you have a clear reason for selling, consciously or unconsciously you will not do what you need to do to be a qualified seller and you will sabotage the process! We've all seen houses stay on the market longer than they should and asked why hasn't this house sold? The answer may be inadequate/un-targeted marketing, incorrect pricing, mismanaged negotiations... but the real answer is the seller doesn't really want to sell!

Selling your home is a lot of work and can certainly be stressful! Most people (sellers and buyers) need some help answering "yes" to all of these questions and it can take some time to prepare for the whole process. I am happy to talk with you and help establish a game-plan and timeline to get you where you want to go.

Making sure you are qualified/ready, willing and able will make the process easier and result in a better outcome for everyone involved!  It's never too soon to start planning and the sooner the better so contact me soon...

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The sale of my home [in Sudbury] was not typical, requiring a realtor of exceptional skills, experience and knowledge. Yet even though I had been in the home building field, I could think of only one realtor for the job – Marilyn Messenger. Not only was she eminently equipped to handle the real estate end of things but she knew exactly the right lawyers to handle the complex legal issues associated with the sale. There was a substantial array of documents to fill out and sign, but Marilyn was always on top of, and ahead of things. As a result of Marilyn's hard work, my house had a buyer in the first week it was on the market and the deed exchanged hands in about a month – for such a complex sale that kind of speed is unusual It is fair to say that I would not have made it through all the steps required in such a sale without Marilyn. Peter N.
Marilyn sold our townhouse in one day. We had four offers and several overing asking. We were able to do this with Marilyn's thorough and thoughtful consultation and guidance. She knew exactly what would sell our home. We met initially in early Fall and prepared a plan to be the first on the market in the Spring. Marilyn stayed in constant communication and pinged us when we needed to take action. She made the selling process as painless as possible with maximum results. We were also able to buy our next home through Marilyn. We turned in our keys for our townhome and got the keys to our new home the very next day. Coordination was flawless. Overall, Marilyn has a keen eye, superior attention to details, a great sense of the market, and excellent communication skills. We would definitely recommend her as an agent. Beverly T.
We were so pleased to have worked with Marilyn for a second time! Marilyn helped us to buy our first home in Sudbury 10 years ago and when we were ready to sell it, we called her again. The process of buying and selling can be overwhelming, but Marilyn helped us to sort through it all. She is a master at organization and coordination of the many parties involved in this process. She was on top of all of the details so that nothing fell through the cracks. There were multiple offers on the house we ended up buying and on our house when we sold it, and Marilyn was invaluable in helping us to navigate through those negotiations. Following her advice, we had an accepted offer on our house in just 3 days! We would definitely recommend Marilyn! J. Jackson
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